First Gold Disc

In 1973 Max received his first Gold Disc for ‘Live at Treorchy’, which went on to sell well over half a million copies worldwide. His subsequent albums ‘We All Had Doctors’ Papers’, ‘The Incredible Plan’, ‘I Was There’ also achieved Gold Disc status.

In 1978 Max appeared on one of the more palatable “This is Your Life” programmes on Thames Television. He had gone along as usual to watch his local team Glynneath R.F.C. play their traditional eve of the Wales v Scotland Rugby International fixture against old friends from Hawick Trades R.F.C. from the borders of Scotland. A fixture that had lasted over thirty years and meant a great deal to both towns. However, at the end of the game, when Max thought he was about to be interviewed on H.T.V. on the affinity between the two clubs and countries, up stepped Eamon Andrews with the famous red book and those immortal words… ‘This is Your Life’.

Max also filmed three “adventure specials”. His first was ‘Max Boyce Meets The Dallas Cowboys’ – when he played quarter back for the famous American grid-iron team. It was with the same total commitment he hurled himself into the world of the Rodeo Cowboy, where he again won real, genuine admiration. In making these films, he has never been short of nerve. He undertook some hair-raising stunts and tested himself to the limit with painful, and often hilarious, results. Some of his rodeo experiences he captured in songs that accompanied the film “Max Boyce Goes West”. The third of Max’s ‘outdoor specials’ found our intrepid hero in Nepal for the World Elephant Polo Championships.

He was joined by a host of sport, film and stage stars and was duly warned for dangerous play! The film was shown on BBC television in 1998. In 1990 Max was persuaded to enter the magical world of pantomime in the title role of ‘Jack’ in “Jack and the Beanstalk”. The show at the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford featured his long time friend Ian Botham and was a huge success, going on to play in other prestigious venues around the country, including Cardiff, Norwich and Edinburh. In 1995 Max undertook his first tour of South Africa to coincide with the World Cup.

He played to packed out audiences who fell in love with his unique brand of humour and storytelling.